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Soul Advocacy

Sleep is an optional activity in Oxford. This is a fact I do my best to resist by actually sleeping. But sometimes, even I succumb to the vast and varied pace of this place and stay up until the wee sma’s when the stars blink down in bewilderment at my still-opened eyes. That’s when blog […]

Learning Fidelity through Fiction

Today, an excerpt from Caught Up in a Story as I have been reading back through Berry here in between papers and thinking about the way that literature teaches us what it looks like to be faithful. Literature and theology, actually, can create quite an excellent conversation between them, something I have noticed often as I study […]

A Ramble Round Holly Howe

Hello friends. Today, I bring you a glimpse from my summer literary rambles. I had a few extra days after working at a conference in Oxford in July, and I decided to take a train right up to the Lake District. In hunting for a place to stay in Coniston, a village much deeper into […]

The Green Ember

You all. (I guess I should dig into my Texas background and say ya’ll.) My good old friend Sam has written a children’s book that I think will become a family favorite the minute its published. Oh, it’s a grand story. I savored it. Rabbits with swords. (That alone should snag your attention.) Quests. Beauty. […]

Giveaway Winners!

Good morning, friends! The last few days of launch celebration around here have been lovely. I’ve never really done anything like that before. Thanks for your comments and encouragement and hearty dose of enthusiasm. Again, I want to add my heartfelt thanks to the three friends who contributed such lovely prizes: Katy Rose, at Goodwill Living, […]